Bethlehem Community Pre-School

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Yellow Logo  Our Typical Day

Morning Sessions: 8.30am - 12.30pm

All-Day Sessions:  8.30am - 3.00pm


Our typical day or session begins with the children being provided a rich learning environment with a large selection of activities for children to explore. We base our programme on children’s interests and also provide provocation with bringing new ideas and interests into the centre curriculum. Numeracy and literacy concepts are woven into our syllabus and children have many opportunities to explore and develop skills in an unpressured but stimulating way.

Children have free choice as they explore the environment and teachers also work with small groups of children. We have mat times during our sessions. We consider these times where we all come together as a large group to be important learning times for children. We have fun together, experimenting with dance, drama and music, exploring science, literacy and numeracy concepts and playing games together.

Children have opportunities to make purposeful contributions to each others learning and to grow in confidence as they share ideas and experiences together.

We share morning/afternoon tea times and lunch together (weather permitting) on our deck. This also is a time where many social interactions and conversations occur.

After meal times children are once again able to enjoy free choice of activities available to them.

At the end of each session we have “Tidy Up Time” where children and teachers tidy up together – promoting a sense of team work and

We finish our sessions with a short mat time and say goodbye to each individual child as they go home for the day.

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