Bethlehem Community Pre-School

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Yellow Logo Testimonials from Parents

"I have had a very positive experience with Bethlehem Pre-School. My daughter has had difficulty saying goodbye since she started. Having attended another pre-school prior to Bethlehem, I have to comment on the empathy shown of our situation, the communication of staff and continual consistency we have had. My daughter has become more confident and her well-being is met by the teachers in a consistent and caring manner. Thank you.” (Nicki, mother of Kella)

"Adam has really settled into Pre-School – I find your “caring, family environment” has helped to achieve this. Although he has only been here for a few months I see a big improvement in his social skills – I would just like to say Thank you for looking after him so well – and making the move to NZ an enjoyable one!” (Pam, mother of Adam)

"My family and I feel that Bethlehem Pre-School is the best possible pre-school there is. The wonderful ladies that run it are amazing. They all do an excellent job helping to develop the children’s minds, skills and all aspects of what is needed before they start Primary School – as well as letting them be kids. We are proud to have our fourth child attend Bethlehem Pre-School.” (Louisa, mother of Phyllip & Toni, Stevee & Jacey)

"Overall I’m ‘uber’ impressed on how the Pre-School is. It’s such a calm, warm and welcoming play/learning space and I rave about it to any parent seeking a pre-school for their children.” (Nic, mother of Kaia)

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