Bethlehem Community Pre-School

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MORNINGS........Monday to Friday............................. 8.30am to 12.30pm

ALL - DAY...........Mondayto Friday............................. 8.30am to 3.15pm

You can enrol your child at any time – they are then entered onto our waitlist.

Children may start attending Pre-School from 2 years 7 months old.

Children may attend a combination of morning, afternoon or all day sessions. The choice is yours. All children are required to attend at least twice in one week.

Entering Pre-School is an important new experience for your child. We encourage you to stay until your child feels confident to stay with us alone. This could take 10 minutes or two weeks. Once the decision to leave has been made, and after consultation with staff, follow it through.

Please send your child in comfortable, washable clothes that you don’t mind them getting dirty! Name any items that are likely to be removed. A sun hat is required in summer months – Terms 1 & 4 – No Hat No outside Play! Lost Property is kept in a box in the foyer entrance to Pre-School.

Parents are asked to provide food whilst their child/ren attends pre-school. We encourage healthy choices e.g.sandwich, fruit, cheese, carrot sticks etc. PLEASE NO YOGHURT, LOLLIES OR CHOCOLATE. Please name all lunch boxes and drink bottles so that we can encourage the children to look after their belongings.

These are special sharing, listening and learning times which we ask parents to respect by waiting outside until they are finished. At Mat Times children are able to contribute to the various themes of dancing, music, stories, games, puppet shows, science experiments, drama and emergent interests. These sessions are valuable learning times for children in a large group situation.

Your support is invaluable. There are many ways you can help out the Pre-School including spending time with your child in our environment, supporting our Fundraising, lending a helping hand at the end of sessions, providing resources to us, eg. Feathers, corks, wool, material, shells and paper etc is extremely appreciated.
If you have any specialist knowledge or skill you may like to share!

You may also like to join our Management Committee.

The Pre-School Management Committee is a group of parents/whanau elected at our AGM by parents/whanau to maintain the effective and financial running of the preschool. Meetings are held once a month and their responsibilities include:

Managing of the Pre-School
Support of teachers
Employment of staff
All financial accounts
Maintenance & purchasing materials

Committee work is a great way to meet new people in the area and have fun. If you would like to receive more information concerning our committee and their role, please feel free to contact us.

All children have a portfolio located on the shelves near the office. This is kept for each child attending the Pre-School longer than 3 months and is a record of the assessment of your child’s learning gathered from yourselves and staff during their time at the Pre-School.

Our Parent Library books in the Foyer are available to take home. Please add your name to the Rental book on the shelves if you wish to check-out an item. This works well as an honesty system and there is no charge. We appreciate families who share with children the joy of reading and caring for books.

If your child is unwell please keep him/her at home until they are well enough to return to Pre-School. It is our policy that a child with a vomiting and/or diarrhoea bug must not return to Pre-School within 48 hours.
Please ring us to let us know that your child will not be attending in any instance or if you need clarification on our policy.

On enrolment the immunisation certificate needs to be sighted by the Head Teacher. This is a requirement from the Ministry of Health. Should there be an outbreak of an infectious disease the health authorities will then inform parents and caregivers of children who are not immunised.

We celebrate each child’s birthday with a dough cake and their personal profile scrapbook. The children sit on a birthday chair at the front, when we have the candle blowing out ceremony. If you wish to show your appreciation in a small way to the Pre-sShool, our Head Teacher holds a ‘wish list’ of items the Pre-School would like, or a simple donation of a book from home that is no longer read would also be most appreciated. Seeing your child happy, confident and ready for their next challenge is our best reward.

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